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“I Give it a Week”

Usually I stick to writing lyrics, but this poem about songwriting came to me driving home from a weekend away with my husband, and I wanted to share it.

In darkening dusk
I’m flooded with hope
I let my mind drift
The words start to flow

Discovered what’s lost
Foggy but there
Sheltered and delicate
Edged with a fear

Not yet forgotten
Not yet paid my dues
Wishing then working
Through all of my blues

How can a dream
Still seem so far
It starts to feel closer
When you hum my songs

Darker and darker
The sun sets now
I’ll light the way forwards
If you show me how

If we find a way
To change no to yes
I’d run and I’d gallop
Shrug off this unrest

If love could sustain us
Without needing work
We’d nestle, unbothered
I’d write and you’d cook

You smile when I’m funny
I laugh when you’re not
It seems like forever
Could pass in a jot

But now moonlight lingers
And my hand’s on yours
You squeeze oh so gently
Jolt me with the words

You call me by nickname
The peace stays within
By dusk or by moonlight
Come, call me again

Reality beckons
As you start to speak
I’ll give up day dreaming
I give it a week