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Falling Apart

Intro / Outro, Verse, Chorus, Bridge


‘Falling Apart’ lyrics:

My world’s not falling apart
So why am I?
Should I go back to the start
Or should I try?

It’s a different kind of hate
It’s a different kind of empty
It’s vindictive and additive
And I’ve been lingering plenty

Cuz I’m in my own handcuffs
And my mind gets in a rut
And I’m tired oh so tired
But I never get enough

Maybe I will find a way
But that breakthrough ain’t today
I’ve been crying, silent screaming
But can’t find the words to say

I need this
What am I without this?
Cuz what have I done?
What would I have become?
Oh, just blame it on this

I’m a different kind of mess
Could succeed, but happiness?
Have to chase it have to find it
Numb my brain then feel distressed

Cuz I’ve wasted all my time
I cannot undo my crime
Of forsaking my  potential
But potential fades with time

And so I need this
Can’t explain it without this
If I don’t become
More than I come from
I’ll just blame it on this

My world’s not falling apart
So why am I?
Some days I don’t even want to be saved
So why try?
Why try?

Falling Apart

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